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Newmarket Kitchen Renovations

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Aurora Summers
Aurora Summers
Would highly recommend this company. They redesigned our kitchen including new cabinets, counters, centre island, flooring, backsplash and even helped choose the right appliances for the space. Thank you.
Roger Weber
Roger Weber
From design, to install to completion they went above an beyond. They kept us involved in the entire process which we appreciated. We love our new kitchen. Thank you.
Nicholas Day
Nicholas Day
Newmarket Kitchen Renovations did an excellent job renovating our kitchen. The price was competitive and they were willing to help us finalize a custom design - which made them stand out from other companies in this industry! We are more than satisfied with the quality of their workmanship, as well as how great everything looks now that they've finished- not just for ourselves but also friends/family members who come over when we're at home cooking together around our fantastic new ""kosher"" island bar area (which by-the way didn't take long at all).
Taiba noor
Taiba noor
The quality of their custom kitchen cabinets is second to none and they would be a great option for your renovation. Thanks for doing such a great job on our kitchen.
Theo William
Theo William
We were so pleased with our kitchen renovation and we can't recommend Newmarket Kitchen Renovations enough! They did such a great job. The final product is fantastic, it exceeded all of my expectations in terms of what they could do for us – everything from design to finishing details like crown moulding or custom cabinets made just how I wanted them done quickly without compromising quality at any point during construction (which seemed daunting before because there are TONS OF CONTRACTORS OUT THERE.
James Rowe
James Rowe
We are so glad we decided to renovate our kitchen. The finished product is gorgeous and it's saved us time, money, and effort! We didn't know if it would be worth all of the hassle but now that everything has been done I wouldn't hesitate recommending anyone else who might need help with their home improvement projects or even just remodeling an existing space.
Owen Gray
Owen Gray
We're so happy with our new kitchen renovation! We can't recommend this company enough.
Curtis Sanchez
Curtis Sanchez
There's nothing like a beautiful kitchen! We love to cook and create in our newly renovated space. The company we used for this project was excellent - they were helpful, friendly people who really took care of us during the whole process from beginning until end result. If you're looking into updating your home’s cooking area or maybe just need some advice on what type of cabinets would best suit all your needs then I urge you not only consider these guys but also hire them ASAP because once word gets out about how great their work is others will want it too so don't miss out okay thanks bye!
Ramiro Sparks
Ramiro Sparks
We had the most wonderful experience with our new kitchen. The work they did for us was exceptional and we would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone looking into renovating their home or business!
Amber Curtis
Amber Curtis
We love our newly renovated kitchen and we recommend this company to anyone looking for a renovation.

Newmarket Kitchen Renovations

Newmarket Kitchen Renovations

Welcome to Newmarket Kitchen Renovations, the professional kitchen renovators in Newmarket, Ontario. If you’re in or near Newmarket and thinking of breathing new life into a tired old kitchen, or expanding it to be the beating heart of your home, then you have just found the best kitchen renovators and remodelers near you.

About Us

We made our name making old kitchens look new, making new kitchens look traditional and classic, and making hard to navigate kitchens into fantastic workspaces fit for a professional chef.  We know that the kitchen is so much more than a place to prepare food; it is the real heart of the home, a social centre, a place to get together and to create tin and we make sure that your kitchen reflects that. But we don’t just do kitchens. Although we made our name with kitchen renovations, those same skills of design, cabinetry, and working with walling and utilities alike have seen our crafts called on to renovate from top to bottom - from attic to basement. So talk to us today about what we can do to add value and joy to your property.

Our Services

We cut our teeth on kitchens with our celebrated talent for designing new layouts, creating really usable work surfaces, crafting the cabinetry that makes the most of the storage space on offer, and making the living machine of a kitchen come to life. But our services go well beyond the kitchen and include transforming dusty old basements into dens, man caves, bedrooms and more. We can create home offices, craft workshops, and utility rooms where before there was only underused space, and we ensure that both form and function add quality to your life, and value to your property.

Quote for Newmarket Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen Remodeling in Newmarket
Kitchen Renovations Newmarket

Kitchens are the focus of any house - at least they are if they’re well designed and finished. We make sure that your kitchen is not only a perfect space for storing and preparing food but also a social centre for your family.  To do that we study the number of people in the household and the demands made on the kitchen as well as what you’d like a newly remodeled kitchen to deliver in the future. We show you ideas for different layouts, from islands to new work surfaces, L-shaped, U-shaped, and more. We consider a multitude of styles from swathes of professional stainless steel to classic Quaker and by working with you we select the look and feel that will make you happy.

Snapshot of interior modern kitchen with granite countertop island and smart refrigerator
Kitchen Cabinets Newmarket

We craft cabinetry that looks great and conveniently swallow up all your pantry stores, crockery, cutlery, and appliances. From ‘garages’  for your work surface electrical appliances to lazy susans and corner units that offer your cutlery and spices to you as you open them up we will create cabinets that look great and work for you.

“We started out with a kitchen renovation that focussed mostly on the tiny tub and that horrible popcorn ceiling then were so impressed with their suggestions for double vanity units, sunken tub, and storage space that we ended up asking them to remodel pretty much the whole house. If we were ever to go through the whole thing again Newmarket Kitchen Renovations would definitely be the first number to dial.” - Olaf L.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovations Newmarket

Your bathroom is so much more than a place to clean up; designed and installed properly it is a place to luxuriate and to celebrate yourself. It’s also a key part of how potential buyers value the appeal of your property. We take bathrooms that are well past their prime and bring them bang up to date. We redesign, remodel, and renovate bathrooms to ensure that they have that wow factor that serves equally to delight you everyday and impress visitors.

Bathroom Vanity in Newmarket Ontario
Bathroom Vanities Newmarket

Single vanity units, double vanity units, freestanding or wall hung - we do them all. We specialise in our bathroom vanities of every style so that your all-essential vanity will fit perfectly with the style and mood of the rest of your bathroom.

“We had a basement which we simply never visited; so much so that we weren’t sure if the abandoned furniture in there was actually ours or belonged to the previous owner. It was a friend who pointed out that the sheer floorspace was more than we lived in upstairs and got us thinking about reusing it. Newmarket Kitchen Renovations talked to us about the possibilities for bathrooms, workspace, and a spare guest bedroom and now it’s like we have another floor on the house - which is fantastic.” - Natalie D.

basement renovation newmarket ON
Basement Renovations Newmarket

Basements are typically the most underused space in your whole house and yet they are brimming with possibilities. Put aside for a minute your idea of the basement as a dusty and probably dark and even dank place and imagine it damp proofed, repainted, relit with concealed lighting and new partition walls and fully kitted out as a house sized home office, guest suite, den, playroom, or utility room. Now we are talking.

Renovation Contractor
Renovation Contractors

Renovation isn’t just about making rooms look better. It’s about rethinking them so that they perform better for you and your family. That means a mix of design imagination, creative skills, building, cabinetry, and an understanding of styles and moods that means your home renovation should only ever be trusted to the pros. And that’s us.

“A great kitchen remodeling job with minimum mess and minimum fuss from start to finish. Happy to work with Newmarket Kitchen Renovations and happy with the price too.” - John L.

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A few of the most common questions we hear from customers. We are always available to answer questions for you. Should you have any questions please reach out to us.

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If you’re in the Newmarket region of Ontario and you think your home could be a better place to live in then you need to talk to us now. We are the professional kitchen, basement, and home renovation company near you that you have been looking for to transform your property, raise its value, and simply increase the quality of life for you, your family, and your guests. So let’s talk.

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